Pastor Gerby

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Gerby Seriphim is the head pastor in the small mountain village of Fontaine, located in the highlands of Northern Haiti. His church is one of five in which CFM’s founders Oran and Arshaloos Bell pioneered in the 1950s. The church in Fontaine has 150 members. The church also houses one elementry school with 70+ 1st -4th grade students and four teachers. Pastor Gerby’s church also supports two remote outstation churches. Pastor Gerby has attended college-english classes in the U.S. and is a passionate advocate for the Haitian people. The Fontaine Church is currently underfunded at this time. Would you please consider supporting Gerby and his ministry in Fontaine? Fontaine’s monthly budget is $600 dollars, which includes the church and school operations. We’d love to have 1-3 sponsors partner to support the work in Fontaine. Please prayerfully consider this need.
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