Kay Cadence Orphanage

Friday, October 10, 2014

In 2011, the construction of our second orphanage in St. Raphael began. Several teams from the Fresno area traveled to the small town over the course of two years to work on the new orphanage.

The home was named Kay Cadence after a young girl from the Fresno area. This brave young girl, Cadence, wrote a letter to the builders of her home after she saw so many collapsed homes from the 2010 earthquake on the news. She asked the builders to build homes for kids in Haiti. After her requests, the local-builders decided to partner with CFM to build a new orphanage.

The doors opened in 2012, complete with electricity and running water, a luxury in this Haitian town. Kay Cadence houses 15 children as well as the host family who care for the orphans each day. This project is a testament to God's goodness. When He leads people to hear His voice and obey, great things can happen. To sponsor a child at Kay Cadence, please contact us.

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