2013 Row-a-thon Summary

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

2013 Row-a-thon & Skills challenge
First event in the Remember Haiti Fitness Series

A smashing success! Our numbers doubled from last year and we had 13 teams compete from 7 different gyms from all over the central valley. CrossFit Walnut Creek came the farthest. Congrats to team Legion. They are a home gym from Fresno. Their team of five athletes (3 male and 2 female) rowed over 47,800 meters. More than half the teams rowed a marathon. They added more meters on to that by placing in the top five in some of the 12 skills. They beat Fresno CrossFit by 630 meters. Before the main event each member of every team raced each other over 1000m. The winning time was from an athlete on Team Legion in 3:01.5 seconds beating 2nd place by less than a second. Themain event was a 3-hour rowing competition where each team had to have at least one male and one female complete all the 12 skills. Some of the highlights from the skills were 29 yd hand walk, 3 sec no leg rope climb to 20 ft, 3.72 sec in a 30yd sprint, 51 pistols in 60 sec, 9 and half foot standing long jump and 120 double unders in 60 sec. Our goal next year is to have 25 teams.

After expenses we raised over $3400 for Haiti!

I want to say thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers one more time. Tanner Munro, Nathan Gleaves, Jason Martinez, David Howell, for building the "Obstacle Course”; Jason Huewe for all the great ideas; Allison Vasquez for taking the incredible pictures; FPU students from the kinesiology department; Swarthout Chiropractic; Sierra running Company; Kumon; F & G Nursery; American Pistachio Growers; Chipotle; WodShop, Wahoo’s, Haitian Bead Project, Fresno Indoor Soccer, and Erik Traeger, owner of CrossFit Combat Fitness! We appreciate you all so much.





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