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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In February 2009, The Bridge Evangelical Free Church in Fresno, California raised the funds to complete the building of an orphanage in Pignon, Haiti. Nestled in the northern mountains of the country, this orphanage was conceived to help nurture some of the poorest children attending the local church.

Fifteen children were selected to live in the orphanage. The children range in age from 6 to 13. These children were chosen by a committee of pastors and leaders from among the churches that are part of Christian Friendship Ministries. Some are true orphans in the sense that they have no living parents. Others may have one parent alive who cannot care for them because of sickness or poverty.

These children live in the northern mountains, where the climate is tropical year round. Typical houses are constructed of wood or dirt floors, cement or mud brick walls and tin roofs. The regional diet consists of rice, beans, plantains, bread, vegetables, and occasionally meat like chicken or goat. Most adults in this area are unemployed but some work as farmers and grow their own food or sell it at market. This community desperately needs food, clean water and employment opportunities.

According to Peter Constantin, field director for Christian Friendship Ministries, the orphanage will serve as a bridge for these children, providing for them a home and a Christian family.

Peter explains the three-story orphanage building. A storage facility and Haitian-style kitchen is on the ground floor. The second floor is a multi-purpose room that is used for the children as a play area as well as a place where the church holds meetings and the school uses for assemblies.

The top floor includes the bedrooms for the children and a separate suite for the director and his family. The Bridge Evangelical Free Church also raised through a Women’s Ministry Fundraiser Dinner in February 2009 for furniture, kitchen appliances and other needs inside the orphanage.

Jean Roosevelt, 35, and his wife, Moseline, are the directors of the orphanage. Roro and Moseline have three daughters who also live in the orphanage with their parents.

Roosevelt was previously a teacher for 10 years at the Evangelical Baptist Church in Pignon. He also started his own video business, filming weddings and funerals in town for extra income.

Roosevelt shares his story: His family was involved in voodoo when he was a youngster. He knew the voodoo services were bad but it wasn’t until a good friend invited him to the church that he learned about the "right way."

He quickly got involved in the church and even as a young teenager played in the church marching band and directed a singing group. He and his wife met through the marching band.

An urgency is in Roosevelt’s voice as he speaks about the children of Haiti and the possibility of building and orphanage. "We need support for the children," Roosevelt says. "I can teach them and encourage them in Christ."

The cost for each child to live in the Bridge Christian Children’s Home each month is approximately $100. This money provides food, clothes, medical assistance, Christian education, school supplies and a small salary for staff who cook and clean for the children.

Orphan Sponsorship Program

The Bridge Christian Children’s Home opened its doors to the 15 selected children in October 2009. 

Each child needs to be sponsored $100 per month in order to live in the orphanage and have their needs met. This money provides food, clothes, medical assistance, Christian education, school supplies and a small salary for staff who cook and clean for the children.

You have the opportunity to "Adopt a Child" and affect their little lives through sponsorship. We encourage families and individuals to prayerfully consider being involved in a child’s life by sponsoring them for $33 (1/3 the cost), $50 (1/2 the cost) or $100 (the full cost) monthly.

Sponsorship is not just about sending money. Sponsors will have the opportunity to see pictures of their child and write them letters as well as send gifts for special occasions. We want sponsors to invest personally in the lives of the child. Sponsors can watch their child grow through the years. Sponsors can also be involved through prayer for their child. Sponsors have the opportunity to visit their child through short-term mission trips during the summers. Because of these sponsorships, a child will have the chance to learn and grow physically, but also be challenged mentally and blossom spiritually.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a sponsor for one of these precious children.

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